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"The Godfather
of Kung Fu," by
Rick Baker

. . the cover of Eastern Heroes Special Edition #5 . .

An Article from
Eastern Heroes
Special Ed. #5

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From Eastern Heroes Special Edition #5, p. 5:

The Godfather of Kung Fu
by Rick Baker

Chang Cheh, the man who directed and crafted so many of the great classic kung fu films for Shaw Brothers was having his career reflected on in one of the many Chinese magazines that I acquire every month. At the end of the article they translated into English a quote that Chang Cheh had said during an interview on the 'Chinese kung fu movie business,' which despite the broken translation sums up for me the fact that despite all the trends in Hong Kong cinema the kung fu movie will live on forever, supporting also our claim on the front cover of this magazine that "The Kung Fu Film is Back."

"Every country has its own culture, tradition and impression which is reflected in their movies. The Chinese movie business bloomed after America and Japan.

"The Chinese movie in the past had put a tremendous emphasis on love stories. Realising this, I deliberately brought out the kung fu movie. I brought out this type of movie partly because of my personal interest, partly because I realise that there is not much difference [between] Chinese and Western movies in love story composing. Bruce Lee was the representative figure of the period when the kung fu movie reached its peak. As far as I can see, Chinese directors in directing those action movies had employed a special technique much more advanced than the Western directors.

"The Chinese movie is very much restricted by the political situation. It depends solely on overseas Chinese consumption. Besides, the Chinese kung fu movie is very much restricted due to the different concept the West has towards war.

"Though nowadays the West tends to show a tremendous interest in oriental philosophy, their view tends to be very superficial. Nevertheless, there are certainly outstanding kung fu movies which can occupy a place in the history of Chinese film making."

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