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Photos of Chang Cheh
Last Updated June 16, 2010

As far as I know, there are not very many photos of Chang Cheh available -- at least in the West. If anyone has access to photos of Chang Cheh not seen here and would like to put them on the Web so others may enjoy them, please contact me at <scfeldman@juno.com>. I am also interested in photos of Bruce Lee from the time he tried out for roles at Shaw Brothers (he wound up getting a contract with Golden Harvest, instead). There are several pictures (many in color) extant of Bruce in traditional Shaw Brothers-style costumery with traditional Shaw Brothers-style weapons, and I would love to be able to put this sort of stuff on the Web.

Chang Cheh
Chang Cheh
Chang Cheh
Chang Cheh making the 'okay' sign
31k 95k 312k
C Cheh
Chang Cheh with cigar
20 50 243
Run Run Shaw, Lo Lieh, C C
Run Run Shaw, Lo Lieh, and Chang Cheh
52k 182k 319k

Chang Cheh with his wife
Chang Cheh with his wife
80k 193k 232k
At left: Chang Cheh and Robert Tai
Chang Cheh and Robert Tai on the Set of 'Brave Archer'
62k 179k 232k

Fu Sheng, Ti Lung, Chang Cheh
Alexander Fu Sheng, Ti Lung, and Chang Cheh
53k 199k 289k
F Sheng, T Lung, CC, D Chiang
Alexander Fu Sheng, Ti Lung, Chang Cheh, and David Chiang
51k 183k 273k
Chang Cheh
Chang Cheh

Chang Cheh
a close-up from Influence Magazine #13
80k 131k
Chang Cheh
Chang Cheh with a broad smile, 
from Influence Magazine #13
76k 160k

the Chias, Chehs and Chia-liangs
Mr. & Mrs. Tang Chia, Chang Cheh, Ti Lung, Runme Shaw, David Chiang, Mrs. Chang Cheh, Mr. and Mrs. Liu Chia-liang
at Runme Shaw's Singapore residence
(from Southern Screen #158, April 1971)
241k 346k 453k
the Chia-liangs, Chehs and Chias
Mrs. and Mr. Chang Cheh (front), Mr. & Mrs. Liu Chia-liang, 
Ti Lung, David Chiang, Mr. & Mrs. Tang Chia (back) 
on the steps of a building (a temple?) in Bangkok
(from Southern Screen #158, April 1971)
241k 367k 453k

David Chiang & Chang Cheh
David Chiang sits near Chang Cheh, signing autographs (from Southern Screen #158, April 1971)
Chang Cheh
color head shot of Chang Cheh from movie poster
104k 186k 264k
Chang Cheh
L to R -- Kuo Chui, Lo Meng, Chiang Sheng and Lu Feng standing in back of Chang Cheh, who is seated
83k 160k 287k

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