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Alphabetical Listing of Chang Cheh Films
Organized by English Title,
then Phonetic Mandarin Title

Zhang Che, b. 1932, Zhejiang Province. Director-writer.

English Name / Mandarin Name (Year)-- [Filmmaking Capacity; COUNTRY]
All Men Are Brothers / Dangkou Zhi (1975)-- [co-directed with Wu Ma, also 
The Angry Guest / E Ke (1972)
The Anonymous Heroes / Wuming Yingxiong (1971)
The Assassin / Da Cike (1967)-- [also scripter]
Blood Brothers / Ci Ma (1973)
The Boxer from Shantung / Ma Yongzhen (1972)-- [co-directed with Bao 
The Boxer Rebellion / Ba Guo Lian Jun (1976)--
The Brave Archer / She Diao Yingxiong Zhuan (1977)
The Brave Archer, Part III / Shediao Yingxiong Zhuan Disan Ji (1982)
The Brave Archer, Part Two / She Diao Yingxiong Zhuan Xuji (1978)
The Brave Archer and His Mate / Shediao Xialu (1982)
The Butterfly Chalice / Hudie Bei (1965)-- [co-directed w/ Yuan Qiefeng]
The Chinatown Kid / Tangren Jie Xiaozi (1977)-- [also co-scripter]
Cross the River / Guo Jiang (1988)-- [also scripter]
The Daredevils / Zhaji Wangming (1979)
Dead End / Si Jiao (1969)
Delightful Forest / Kuaihuo Lin (1972)-- [co-directed with Bao Xueli]
The Delinquent / Fennu Qingnian (1973)-- [co-directed with Gui Zhihong]
Disciples of Shaolin / Hongquan Xiaozi (1975)
the Duel / Da Juedou (1971)
Duel of Fists / Quan Ji (1971)
The Deadly Duo / Shuang Xia (1971)
The Fantastic Magic Baby / Hong Haier (1975)
Five Element Ninjas / Wudun Renshu (1982)
Five Shaolin Masters / Shaolin Wuzu (1974)
The Five Venoms / Wu Du (1978)-- [also co-scripter]
Flying Dagger / Feidao Shou (1969)-- [also co-scripter]
Four Riders / Si Qisi (1972)-- [also co-scripter]
Friends / Pengyou (1974)
The Generation Gap / Pan Ni (1973)-- [also co-scripted]
The Ghost / Zhuang Gui (1983)
The Golden Swallow / Jin Yanzi (1968)-- [also co-scripter]
Great Shanghai 1937 / Da Shanghai 1937 (1986)-- [also scripter]
Have Sword Will Travel / Baobiao  (1969)
Heaven and Hell / Di San Lei Da Dou (1980)
Heroes Two / Fang Shiyu yu Hong Xiguan (1974)
The Heroic Ones / Shisan Taibo (1970)-- [also co-scripter]
House of Traps / Chongxiao Lou (1982)
The Invincible Fist / Tieshou Wuqing (1969)
The Kid With the Golden Arm / Jinbi Tong (1979)
King Eagle / Ying Wang (1971)
The Magic Kid / Shen Tong (1993)-- [IN TAIWAN]
The Magnificent Ruffians / Maiming Xiaozi (1979)-- [also co-scripter]
The Magnificent Trio / Bianchang Sanxia (1966)-- [also scripter]
Man of Iron / Chou Lianhuan (1972)-- [co-directed with Bao Xueli, also 
Marco Polo / Mage Bolo (1975)
Masked Avengers / Cha Shou (1981)
Men from the Monastery / Shaolin Zidi (1974)
Na Cha the Great / Nezha (1974)-- [also co-scripter]
The Naval Commandos / Haijun Tuji Dui (1977)-- [co-directed with Wu Ma]
The New One-Armed Swordsman / Xin Dubi Dao (1971)
New Shaolin Boxers / Cai Lifo Xiaozi (1976)-- [co-directed with Wu Ma]
The One-Armed Swordsman / Dubi Dao (1967)-- [also co-scripter]
The Pirate / Da Haidao (1973)-- [co-directed with Wu Ma and Bao Xueli]
Return of the One-Armed Swordsman / Dubi Dao Wang (1969)-- [also script]
The Savage Five / Wu Hu Jiang (1974)
Shanghai 13 / Shanghai Tan Shisan Taibao (1984)-- [also scripter and 
Shaolin Martial Arts / Hong Quan yu Yong Chun (1974)-- [also co-scripter]
The Shaolin Temple / Shaolin Si (1976)-- [co-directed with Wu Ma]
The Singing Thief / Dadao Gewang (1969)
Slaughter in Xi'an / Xi'an Shalu (1990)-- [also scripter; IN CHINA]
Storm Cloud Over Alishan / Alishan Fengyun (1949)-- [co-directed with 
      Zhang Ying, also scripted; Taiwan]
The Sword Stained With Royal Blood / Bixue Jian (1981)
Tiger boy / Huxia Jianchou (1966)-- [also scripter]
Trail of the Broken Sword / Duanchang Jian (1967)-- [also scripter]
Trilogy of Swordsmanship / Qunying Hui (1972)-- [one episode only]
Two Champions of Shaolin / Shaolin yu Wudang (1980)
The Wandering Swordsman / You Xiaer (1970)
The Water Margin / Shui Hu Zhuan (1972)-- [co-directed with Wu Ma and 
     Bao Xueli]
The Weird Man / Shentong Shu yu Xiao Bawang (1983)
Wild Fire / Yehuo (1957)-- [also scripter]
Vengeance / Baochou(1970)-- [also co-scripter]
Young People / Nianqing Ren (1972)


Teo, Stephen.  Hong Kong Cinema: The Extra Dimensions.  London: BFI
     (British Film Institute), 1997.  ISBN 0851704964, hardcover ($60);
     ISBN 0851705146, softcover ($24.95)  as priced by Univ of Ind press
     (specifically, pages 291-2)

----------------------------------cut here------------------------------------

.    .   FILMS CHANG CHEH WROTE BUT DID NOT DIRECT, Vers. 2.1 (7/24/10):   .   .
   (NOTE: green text indicates information not found in Stephen Teo's book
        a red asterisk * indicates a film not released to VCD nor DVD)

     This list is very interesting given Chang Cheh's oft-noted disdain for 
films with female leads.

English Name / Mandarin Name (Year)

* The Woman With the False Face / Jiamian Nulang (1947) 
* Love in the Wild / Huangyuan Yanji (1949) 
* Never Separated (1951) [according to the HKMDb]
SWANK MOTION PICTURE COMPANY [distributed by Shaw Brothers]:
* The Tender Trap of Espionage / Zhifen Jiandie Wang (1960)
* Black Butterfly / Hei Hudei (1960)
  Death Traps (1960) [script doctoring/re-writes only] on Panorama VCD and DVD
* Song Without Words / Wu Yu Wen Cangtian (1961)
* The Girl With the Golden Arm / Zei Meiren (1961)
* You Were Meant for Me / Youxi Renjian (1961)
  It's Always Spring /Taoli Zheng Chun (1962) on Panorama VCD and DVD
    [director: Evan Yang; script: Chang Cheh and Evan Yang]
* Come Rain, Come Shine / Yehua Lian (1962)
* Her Pearly Tears / Zhenzhu Lie (1962)
  The Amorous Lotus Pan (1963) [Huangmei Opera] on IVL discs and Zoke Culture DVD
  The Female Prince / Shuangfeng Qiyuan (1964) [Huangmei Opera]
  The Warlord and the Actress / Xue Jian Mudan Hong (1964)
  The Mermaid / Yu Meiren (1965) [Huangmei Opera]
  Crocodile River / Eyu He (1965) on IVL VCD only; no IVL DVD
  Inside the Forbidden City / Song Gong Mishi (1965) [Huangmei Opera]
    [director: Gao Lap; script: Gao Lap and Chang Cheh]
* Call of the Sea / Huhai Qingchou (1965)
  The Perfumed Arrow / Nu Xiucai (1966) [Huangmei Opera]
  The Knight of Knights (1966)

    The filmography above draws on data from the book Hong Kong Cinema: The 
Extra Dimensions, by Stephen Teo, from the Hong Kong Movie Database, and 
from various VCD and DVD listings from online merchants selling releases by 
Shaw Brothers/Celestial/IVL and MP&GI (Motion Picture & General Investment 
Co. Ltd.)/Cathay/Panorama.

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